Valentine’s Day madness in the wedding world

In the world of wedding publishing, Valentine’s Day is Thanksgiving, New Year’s and Fourth of July combined. It feels like the world just explodes unto itself, showering everyone with hearts, diamonds and candy. For our clients, it means a busy, busy period that takes a lot of planning ahead, but bears a lot of fruit.

This Valentine’s Day season, we’re excited to share these great placements: featured pink and red bridesmaid dresses by Weddington Way and Kirribilla: publishes red dresses by Kirribilla and Weddington Way, February 2013


Black Bride features a DIY Valentine’s Day gift by Benign Objects:

Black Bride features Benign Objects

Glamour announced the launch of Kirribilla‘s little white dress collection on Weddington Way:

Glamour announces launch of Kirribilla's little white dress collection, February 2013 featured more than a dozen engagement rings by Yael Designs in its slideshows on pink rings, heart-shaped rings and rings under $10,000: publishes pink engagement rings by Yael Designs, February 2013

Huffington Post included Weddington Way in its story on best new wedding websites:

Huffington Post includes Weddington Way in story on wedding websites, February 2013


Holiday wedding PR buzz

The holidays are the official beginning of engagement season when there is a flurry of breaking news stories on the latest celebrities to get engaged, fashion features on holidays jewelry and party dresses as well as perennial style stories on winter wedding trends. What follows the holidays is the busiest booking and selling season for many wedding fashion brands and event venues. Thus, it is important to create a good amount of PR buzz in preparation for the season.

For us, December 2012 has been a busy season indeed with several national print magazines releasing features about our clients and online press buzzing with holiday stories and giveaways. Here are some of our favorites stories: picked 10 red and green engagement rings by Yael Designs for its holiday features:

Weddington Way gave recap of winter bridesmaid trends  on The Knot:

Kirribilla dress was styled by Southern Bride magazine:

Benign Objects DIY hankies were picked by Junebug Weddings for its holiday giveaway:

Inside Weddings Magazine Features Two Clients

We have been waiting to get our hands on the summer 2012 issue of the national Inside Weddings magazine because not one, but two of I Do PR clients are featured there!

First of all, an intricate wedding band by Yael Designs was prominently featured in the story “Dazzled: Infused with Glamour”. Yael’s ring is the one on the far right:Inside Weddings features wedding band by Yael Designs


In the same issue, Inside Weddings editors featured handkerchief wedding invitations by Benign Objects in its “Discoveries” section:

Inside Weddings magazine features Benign Objects invitations



Bridal magazines feature Yael Designs engagement rings

This spring, bridal magazines are raving about engagement rings by San Francisco jeweler Yael Designs.

The gorgeous emerald cut diamond engagement ring is prominently featured in the May 2o12 issue of Bridal Guide magazine along with super brands like Tiffany & Co and A. Jaffe.

After the surprise announcement of Angelina Jolie’s engagement to Brad Pitt, Brides magazine featured another Yael emerald cut diamond engagement ring in its online story “Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring: Get the Look.”

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style features Yael Designs earrings

Nothing makes us more proud when the country’s most luxurious wedding magazine Grace Ormonde Wedding Style features one of our clients! Today, earrings by Yael Designs were featured as Editor’s Pick:

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style features Yael Designs

The Japanese seed pearl earrings with white diamonds and custom-cut black diamonds are part of Yael Designs’ Leone Collection, which benefits Schools for Salone, a non-profit that helps rebuild schools in war-torn Sierra Leone.

Celebrity Wedding News Provide PR Opportunity

When someone like Britney Spears gets engaged, all bridal media is a-buzz with news and photos of her engagement ring. Ring styles and carat sizes get dissected with every major celebrity engagement. The same goes for wedding dresses, cakes and other aspects of wedding planning that consume celebrities, and thus the ever-hungry wedding media.

In PR, we look at this as an opportunity to provide great content to editors who’re writing stories about celeb wedding news.

Getting back to Britney Spears’ recent engagement, our jewelry client Yael Designs had the perfect engagement ring with a similar look, but smaller carat size and thus more affordable. The jewelry editor of featured the Yael Designs engagement ring in her story “Get the Look: Britney Spears’ Engagement Ring“:

7×7 features Yael Designs and Choco Studio

We’re excited to report that 7×7 magazine featured both Yael Designs and Choco Studio in their online Wedding Resource Guide!

We adored seeing the black and white diamond ring from Yael’s Leone Collection in the article about Local Wedding Ring Designers!

7x7 Engagement Ring Feature on Yael

Not only were we drooling over all the gorgeous unique wedding rings from 7×7’s Wedding Resource, we were swooning over the Real Weddings article on the sweet and intimate wedding of Michelle & Sergio, personal friends of I Do PR, photographed by Choco Studio!

7x7 features Choco Studio Engagement Session

As with any Real Wedding feature, we always want to send love to the other wedding vendors:

Rings: Yael Designs; Makeup: Jessicka Maduro, Allure Salon & Spa; Hair: Su Young Kim, Panache2 Hairdressing; Stylist: Nicole Lieberman, NBL Styling; Empress Yacht: Event coordinator, Deborah Birmingham; Dinner: Event coordinator, Pamela McGee of Boulevard.


Bridal Guide features Choco Studio and Yael Designs

Bridal Guide November/December 2011 cover

The November/December issue of Bridal Guide is our all time favorite because we had not one, but two of our clients featured inside!

For the issue’s real wedding, the Bridal Guide editor chose a stunning Dawn Ranch summer wedding of Stephanie + Tom shot by wedding photographers Choco Studio! Check out all the DIY wedding decor made by the bride in this 4-page spread (yes, I know!!):

Dawn Ranch wedding by Choco Studio


Enjoy more images from the wedding on the original Choco Studio blog post about the Dawn Ranch wedding!

As with all photographer placements, other wedding vendors from the day also got credit including reception venue Dawn Ranch Lodge, DJ Patrick Numair, florals by Lila B, wedding coordinator Erica Becks, cocktail hour band Russian River Ramblers, bridal jewelry by Yael Designs and lighting by The Lux Productions.

Wedding band by Yael Designs featured

Another thing that we were swooning over was the gorgeous eternity bands that Bridal Guide featured in their All That Glitters feature in the same issue, including our very own San Francisco-based Yael Designs’ diamond band from their Affinity Collection! I love how the Yael ring is right below Tiffany’s – it’s always great to be in good company 🙂


San Francisco Brides issue talks up local talent

I just received the Fall 2011 issue of San Francisco Brides magazine and the cover is simply to die for, featuring a powdery leafy crepe cake by Batter Bakery that may just make a girl forget about her groom, especially when shot by the famed wedding photographer Elizabeth Messina.

If you’re a loyal follower, you’ll notice the paper in the magazine feels and looks different than usual. Editor in chief Robin Wilkey told me, “The new stock is thicker with a bit more tooth. The goal is to make the colors pop and the book thicker.”

For me, the highlights of this issue include the local fashion shoot “Making Waves” shot in the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and featuring wedding gowns by local designers Jinza Couture Bridal and the quickly rising star Amy Kuschel.

My one regret is that all the jewelry in the shoot is provided by advertisers, many of them national brands, instead of local designers. As a former full-time newspaper reporter, I understand that the money for magazines has to come from somewhere and that jewelers are often it, but I also think we in San Francisco have a reputation for local talent to uphold.

When I was talking to national jewelry editors at a trade show in Las Vegas last month, they said San Francisco is not exactly known for its jewelry designers. But I assure you, we have plenty of amazing local talent.

I have nothing against giants like Tiffany & Co, but just as brides are starting to embrace local gown designers, I think many of them would love to know more about their local jewelry artists.

But I digress…

One of the reasons I was very excited to finally see this issue was because of its real weddings. Not only are they a fun read, but this time the editors included an incredible real wedding photographed by Choco Studio.

But that will have to wait till my next post 🙂