Martha Stewart’s Wedding Party, New York

Being based in New York City means having access to incredible bridal shows like the recent Martha Stewart’s Wedding Party, hosted at Gotham Hall by Martha Stewart Weddings magazine and Wedding Library in late January.

Martha Stewart's Wedding Party, New YorkThe highlight for me was meeting Style Me Pretty founder Abby Larson, who has already been collaborating with our client Weddington Way, editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings Darcy Miller, and blogger and wedding stylist Jackie Weppner, who runs Merci New York.

After an interesting discussion by these industry luminaries on wedding details and etiquette, I really enjoyed a bit of perspective on the big day from the queen of cakes Sylvia Weinstock who said, “The ultimate wedding tip I can give is that it’s not about the party, it’s about who you marry.” Ms. Weinstock just celebrated her 64th wedding anniversary. So I’d definitely trust her on that 🙂

Sylvia Weinstock cake designer


We also enjoyed meeting the crew behind Kleinfeld Paper, a recently launched line of wedding stationery:

Kleinfeld Paper wedding invitations

Fueling the party was an overwhelming amount of desserts (it is Martha Stewart, after all…). Taking the cake, if you will, were creative, tasty and gorgeous looking cookies by New York-based One Girl Cookies and Eleni’s:

One Girl CookiesEleni's Cookies


I also came across the wedding scrapbook of Darcy Miller, which had an adorable section about the state of the world on the day of her wedding. It included a newspaper clipping from that day as well as facts from who was the president to fashion fads of the time. What a cute idea to capture that slice of time, right?

Darcy Miller wedding scrapbookDarcy Miller wedding scrapbook

Valentine’s Day madness in the wedding world

In the world of wedding publishing, Valentine’s Day is Thanksgiving, New Year’s and Fourth of July combined. It feels like the world just explodes unto itself, showering everyone with hearts, diamonds and candy. For our clients, it means a busy, busy period that takes a lot of planning ahead, but bears a lot of fruit.

This Valentine’s Day season, we’re excited to share these great placements: featured pink and red bridesmaid dresses by Weddington Way and Kirribilla: publishes red dresses by Kirribilla and Weddington Way, February 2013


Black Bride features a DIY Valentine’s Day gift by Benign Objects:

Black Bride features Benign Objects

Glamour announced the launch of Kirribilla‘s little white dress collection on Weddington Way:

Glamour announces launch of Kirribilla's little white dress collection, February 2013 featured more than a dozen engagement rings by Yael Designs in its slideshows on pink rings, heart-shaped rings and rings under $10,000: publishes pink engagement rings by Yael Designs, February 2013

Huffington Post included Weddington Way in its story on best new wedding websites:

Huffington Post includes Weddington Way in story on wedding websites, February 2013