Wedding PR 101: The In Person Meeting

Harper's Bazaar office
Visiting Harper’s Bazaar office

While it’s hard for Bay Area wedding business owners to personally meet with bridal magazine editors, most of whom have offices in New York, it is absolutely essential to a successful relationship.

I have been working with the editors of Bridal Guide magazine for a while, but when I got a chance to finally meet with them in person in their New York office, it gave our relationship a huge boost. In the industry these meetings are known as “deskside”, but despite their impersonal name they are a great chance to showcase your offering to the editor and see their reaction.

Meeting in person makes all the difference in collaborating, networking, selling or pretty much any business activity. And it’s certainly a huge part of successful public relations strategy as you become more than just a voice on the phone, but a reliable and friendly resource.

Since our New York meeting, I have been working closely with the editors there on a few features for several of my clients, which I’ll be publishing throughout the year. But here are two recent stories featuring Yael Designs bridal jewelry:

Retro Chic jewelry story in the Summer 2011 issue of Bridal Guide featured aquamarine cocktail ring and black diamond stud earrings:

Bridal Guide jewelry

The Fall 2011 issue of Bridal Guide featured Yael Designs pearl drop earrings in its Pearl Chic story (see top right):

Bridal Guide Pearl Chic

I’m excited to be a resource to the Bridal Guide editors and am looking forward to our continued relationship. Stay tuned for more features 🙂