Prepared for Royal Wedding?

  Ah, the world is abuzz about the next Royal Wedding. And while Prince William and Kate Middleton are enjoying their now public engagement, the magazine world is going nuts!

In the fast-paced world of internet news, editors better be prepared to run their stories as soon as major news breaks. But to get the readership, they better have a unique take on the event. For some smart editors that means preparing the story in advance – kind of like in the case of celebrities’ obituaries, which are often written years before the person actually dies (see Marilyn Johnson’s “The Dead Beat” book).

My favorite was Brides magazine, which was the best prepared with a great feature story with sketches of wedding dresses created by famous designers specifically for Kate to consider.

The other approach to covering a major news event of this caliber is doing a blog post with an unusual (did I say scandalist?) take.

Vanity Fair did a story on historical events briefer than Prince William and Kate’s engagement (I have to say although somewhat mean, it’s kind of funny)

Marie Claire ran a story asking whether Prince William and fiance Kate Middleton’s engagement will last. (This one is just plain mean and largely unnecessary).

I think the Royal Wedding – said to take place in spring or summer 2011 – and all its details from Princess Diana’s engagement ring to the wedding dress will give fodder to journalists for months.

I also bet it will have a major impact on wedding fashion.