Yahoo Finance feature and the importance of general audience media

While we work mostly with wedding magazines and blogs, we absolutely love when our clients are featured in general audience media. That’s why we were excited to see wedding registry Hatch My House featured on Yahoo Finance section Financially Fit, anchored by the talented Farnoosh Torabi (who is herself planning a wedding!).

The story talks about several new wedding registry options for engaged couples who’re searching for an alternative to the traditional big store registries.

General press important for PR

Hatch My House received a significant surge of traffic from the Yahoo story, which is a great reminder to think beyond the wedding media industry when putting together your PR strategy. While many brides read bridal blogs and magazines, there are even more who read general press on a daily basis.

By reaching out to general press outlets, you get a chance to communicate not only with your target audience, but with the people who influence them such as their friends and relatives who are impossible to reach through the bridal press. Whether involved in the wedding planning or not, grooms are much harder to reach through bridal magazines and are much more likely to be reading general interest blogs and bigger newspapers.

Lastly, if your business targets non-bridal clients or has the potential to eventually move beyond that market (like Hatch My House whose business model can be applied to anyone who wants a gift registry), then appearing in general interest publications is a must. It will help solidify your brand with the general audience, making it easier to make the jump when your business is ready for it.

OK. So, let’s review why target general press outlets in your PR plan:

– Broader reach of brides

– Target grooms who don’t read bridal magazines

– Target couple’s influencers like friends and family

– Increase branding potential for non-bridal clients

As always, if you get featured by general press outlets whether it’s Yahoo or New York Times, don’t forget to flaunt that on your website and social media.

Ethnic bridal magazines feature Nadia D Photography

This month, Nadia D Photography received two great features from ethnic wedding magazines Wedding Nouveau and Black Bride.

Interacial wedding magazine Wedding Nouveau published the gorgeous, fun-filled wedding of Ashely & Damir:

BlackBride, an online wedding magazine for brides of color, featured the stunning modern Atlanta wedding of Asha & Bryson, which previously appeared in The Knot.