Indian Weddings by Nadia D Photography Get Recognition

Although Nadia D Photography has captured a variety of luxury and destination weddings, Nadia has built a well-recognized reputation among Indian couples in particular. Her understanding of Indian wedding fashion, food and traditions that are often stretched over several days has resulted not only in becoming a highly sought-after photographer, but also in gaining attention from numerous bridal magazines and blogs. Editors recognize Nadia D for her creativity and expertise in camerawork that allows her to truly capture the beauty and vibrancy of an Indian wedding.

While many business owners are afraid of working with a niche clientele, Nadia D is a great example of how finding an interesting niche can become a great way to become recognized.

Take a look at the press coverage  Nadia D has recently received for her exceptional photography of Indian weddings:


The photo above features Nadia D Photography in The Knot. Nadia D artistically captured  the vivid colors that characterized this Jewish-Indian Wedding. With her strong background in Indian wedding photography, Nadia D successfully reflected the magic and tradition of the evening.

A Multicultural Wedding in Atlanta, GA 2013-06-25 13-45-16

Above are more stunning photographs by Nadia D Photography featured in The Knot.



The image above shoes a Glamour feature of Nadia D Photography. This traditional Indian wedding demanded the skill of Nadia D to creatively capture the opulence, romance and cultural traditions of this wedding.

Glamour features Nadia D

The images above highlight Nadia D’s editorial style, as her images of real weddings are both striking and momentous.


2013 blog post weddingwire

The WeddingWire feature above captures the unique beauty and tradition of an Indian wedding. Nadia D’s knowledge and fascination with various Indian traditions such as henna and baraat enhance her ability to capture the defining details of a multi-day wedding in this culture.

WeddingWire features Nadia D. Photogrpahy  

We are looking forward to watching the growth in popularity of Nadia D Photography. Keep your eyes open, as Nadia D is currently shooting the cover for South Asian Bride magazine to be out next month!

Holiday wedding PR buzz

The holidays are the official beginning of engagement season when there is a flurry of breaking news stories on the latest celebrities to get engaged, fashion features on holidays jewelry and party dresses as well as perennial style stories on winter wedding trends. What follows the holidays is the busiest booking and selling season for many wedding fashion brands and event venues. Thus, it is important to create a good amount of PR buzz in preparation for the season.

For us, December 2012 has been a busy season indeed with several national print magazines releasing features about our clients and online press buzzing with holiday stories and giveaways. Here are some of our favorites stories: picked 10 red and green engagement rings by Yael Designs for its holiday features:

Weddington Way gave recap of winter bridesmaid trends  on The Knot:

Kirribilla dress was styled by Southern Bride magazine:

Benign Objects DIY hankies were picked by Junebug Weddings for its holiday giveaway:

Los Angeles Times article on Hatch My House

The Sunday edition of Los Angeles Times published an article “Contemporary wedding registries straying from tradition” by Whitney Friedlander, which highlighted Hatch My House wedding registry!

Los Angeles Times runs article on Hatch My House wedding registryWhile features in bridal publications should be the focus of any wedding vendor’s PR strategy, features in the general audience publications like the Los Angeles Times do wonders for helping to spread the word beyond the immediate target market. They also give a highly valuable testament to your business’ credibility.

PR 101: only fools rush in

Last week, a new client reached out to us seeking urgent help. He was launching a new company and needed a press release to put out on the PR wire services. The launch was in one week.

We told him that unfortunately we’re not able to help on such short notice and recommended another firm. But the lesson struck me as an important one to share because many clients come to us too late in the game, expecting magic in the span of hours.

Timing is a crucial part of a successful PR campaign, so keep these tips in mind when you’re creating your marketing plan:

Plan ahead

For months and weeks before the launch, you’re refining your product, tinkering with your website, announcing the coming launch to your friends and social networks… Public relations is no different – if you want a successful campaign, you have to plan in advance.

If you’re releasing a product, you should have a public relations firm – or a PR plan – in place at last one month ahead of the launch. If you’re launching a company or a store, you’ll need two months minimum to create a quality PR campaign, which should include a refined media list and a well thought out timeline.

Online vs print timeline

The timeline of a successful PR campaign will vary according to your media placement goals. If you’re looking for print media, many magazines work on a 3-6 month deadline, so you need to reach out to magazine editors as early as you have information and images to share. For example, if you’re releasing a spring product line, you need to be reaching out to editors by September of the previous year.

Newspaper deadlines are much shorter (one day to a week), but hard news items (think fire, election, etc.) will always take priority. So unless your story is tied to a specific event, it will appear whenever there is space. That means, reaching out to journalists on a “slow news day” (like around the holidays when there are fewer government stories) will increase your chance of publication.

Online press deadlines are much shorter, but can vary greatly – some blogs schedule their posts up to 2 months in advance, while others can put up a news item in a matter of days. Either way, you don’t want to wait until after your launch to reach out to editors. By letting them know the date of your release, you can have press coming in as soon as your product is launched.

And unless you’re not sure of your product’s quality, availability or release date, don’t be scared to contact editors before the launch – just make sure to tell them your release date and they won’t publish anything until then.

Link your story to a date

Introducing a product that works well for winter weddings? Have a 4th of July idea to share? Editors always do stories around holidays and seasons, so if your product or company aligns well with a particular theme, let them know in advance of the holiday. Linking your product to a calendar date or holiday is a great way to keep media buzz going throughout the year.

Respond ASAP

No matter how early you send your pitch, editors will often get back to you right before their deadline with an urgent request for a sample or image. If you want media attention, be prepared to provide what they want as soon as they want it, which means ASAP. We recommend having samples available to be shipped the same day, easily accessible image files, and a prepared blurb about the product and your company.

P.S. Press Release is Not a PR Campaign

If you think putting a press release on the wire will launch your company or product into the stratosphere, think again. While some companies have been known to go viral after a media release, such a case is once in a million. And even in those cases, it was never a press release that did it, but often a video showcase of a product or a launch event, prepared in advance.

Media storm for engagement shoot by Nadia D Photography

This week, the work of Nadia D Photography is taking the media by storm because of one adventurous couple, stunning setting and a hot red dress. Earlier this summer, Nadia shot the engagement session of O’Shea and Shawn in Atlanta’s sleek W Hotel. The shoot was inspired by James Bond movies and features the sexy couple in a glamorous hotel setting. Nadia’s experience in fashion and the couple’s sense of style were a match made in heaven.

So we weren’t surprised when we were approached by Essence magazine, BlackBride and The Bride’s Cafe to feature this sultry e-session. Methinks the red dress had something to do with it 🙂

Essence magazine features engagement by Nadia D Photography

And here:

The Bride's Cafe features engagment by Nadia D Photography

And also here:

BlackBride features W Hotel engagement by Nadia D Photography

We can’t wait to see what this couple does for their wedding!

Yahoo Finance feature and the importance of general audience media

While we work mostly with wedding magazines and blogs, we absolutely love when our clients are featured in general audience media. That’s why we were excited to see wedding registry Hatch My House featured on Yahoo Finance section Financially Fit, anchored by the talented Farnoosh Torabi (who is herself planning a wedding!).

The story talks about several new wedding registry options for engaged couples who’re searching for an alternative to the traditional big store registries.

General press important for PR

Hatch My House received a significant surge of traffic from the Yahoo story, which is a great reminder to think beyond the wedding media industry when putting together your PR strategy. While many brides read bridal blogs and magazines, there are even more who read general press on a daily basis.

By reaching out to general press outlets, you get a chance to communicate not only with your target audience, but with the people who influence them such as their friends and relatives who are impossible to reach through the bridal press. Whether involved in the wedding planning or not, grooms are much harder to reach through bridal magazines and are much more likely to be reading general interest blogs and bigger newspapers.

Lastly, if your business targets non-bridal clients or has the potential to eventually move beyond that market (like Hatch My House whose business model can be applied to anyone who wants a gift registry), then appearing in general interest publications is a must. It will help solidify your brand with the general audience, making it easier to make the jump when your business is ready for it.

OK. So, let’s review why target general press outlets in your PR plan:

– Broader reach of brides

– Target grooms who don’t read bridal magazines

– Target couple’s influencers like friends and family

– Increase branding potential for non-bridal clients

As always, if you get featured by general press outlets whether it’s Yahoo or New York Times, don’t forget to flaunt that on your website and social media.

Celebrity Wedding News Provide PR Opportunity

When someone like Britney Spears gets engaged, all bridal media is a-buzz with news and photos of her engagement ring. Ring styles and carat sizes get dissected with every major celebrity engagement. The same goes for wedding dresses, cakes and other aspects of wedding planning that consume celebrities, and thus the ever-hungry wedding media.

In PR, we look at this as an opportunity to provide great content to editors who’re writing stories about celeb wedding news.

Getting back to Britney Spears’ recent engagement, our jewelry client Yael Designs had the perfect engagement ring with a similar look, but smaller carat size and thus more affordable. The jewelry editor of featured the Yael Designs engagement ring in her story “Get the Look: Britney Spears’ Engagement Ring“:

Wedding PR: Working All the Angles

PR for wedding photographers does not mean mindlessly submitting every real wedding to the top bridal magazines and blogs. Here we go into a strategy of how to get press by being smart, timely and creative.

Be smart

What every editor wants is a unique story that will entertain and educate her readers, while beating out the competitive media. Keeping that in mind, it is important to think like they think and recognize unique story opportunities that are going to grab readers’ attention. In PR biz, we call this “the angle,” which means the unique twist that gives a story its spark.

Be timely

Editors live by their calendars as they look – often months ahead – for stories about the upcoming holidays or seasons. In September, when the first day of Fall officially opens the floodgate of autumn-themed weddings, we worked with the editor of Get Married on this apple orchard wedding of Whitney + Mike photographed by Choco Studio.

Check out the beautiful fall lighting of this wedding, which ran on the magazine’s home page:

Choco Studio wedding in Get Married

Get Married features fall wedding photographed by Choco Studio

Be creative (and pay attention)

While a calendar is pretty easy to follow, creativity can go a long way when it comes to pitching to editors. When reading through a questionnaire a recent bride filled out about her wedding, I was struck by a story I haven’t heard before: the bride’s inspiration book, where she kept a photo of a berry cake from Martha Stewart magazine, was stolen from her car! She was so in love with the cake though that she worked with her cake maker, Not Just Cheesecakes, to find and recreate the berry cake.

As soon as I read the story, I knew Martha Stewart Weddings editor would loooove to hear it too and feature photographs of the happy couple and the cake taken by Choco Studio! Pay attention to your clients as they may have the unique angle you’re looking for.

Martha Stewart Weddings features Choco Studio

Martha Stewart Weddings features Choco Studio

If you want to stand out from the crowd when pitching your wedding portfolio to bridal editors, don’t forget to think like an editor, keep in mind the calendar and recognize unique stories they won’t find anywhere else.

Wedding PR 101: The In Person Meeting

Harper's Bazaar office
Visiting Harper’s Bazaar office

While it’s hard for Bay Area wedding business owners to personally meet with bridal magazine editors, most of whom have offices in New York, it is absolutely essential to a successful relationship.

I have been working with the editors of Bridal Guide magazine for a while, but when I got a chance to finally meet with them in person in their New York office, it gave our relationship a huge boost. In the industry these meetings are known as “deskside”, but despite their impersonal name they are a great chance to showcase your offering to the editor and see their reaction.

Meeting in person makes all the difference in collaborating, networking, selling or pretty much any business activity. And it’s certainly a huge part of successful public relations strategy as you become more than just a voice on the phone, but a reliable and friendly resource.

Since our New York meeting, I have been working closely with the editors there on a few features for several of my clients, which I’ll be publishing throughout the year. But here are two recent stories featuring Yael Designs bridal jewelry:

Retro Chic jewelry story in the Summer 2011 issue of Bridal Guide featured aquamarine cocktail ring and black diamond stud earrings:

Bridal Guide jewelry

The Fall 2011 issue of Bridal Guide featured Yael Designs pearl drop earrings in its Pearl Chic story (see top right):

Bridal Guide Pearl Chic

I’m excited to be a resource to the Bridal Guide editors and am looking forward to our continued relationship. Stay tuned for more features 🙂

The hunt for InStyle

As one of the country’s most respected jewellery editors and book authors, InStyle contributing editor Marion Fasel has been on my mind for a while. Back in January, we met in her very well decorate office in New York where we talked about the recent Oscars, changes in fashion journalism and, of course, jewelry.

I have been following Marion’s work for a while to learn what style of jewelry she likes and gravitates to. Understanding the journalist’s interests, passions and writing style is a hugely important part of successful PR. In fashion journalism, where personal taste is the name of the game, understanding the journalist is doubly important.

So when I saw the latest custom chandelier earrings Yael Designs created, I just knew that she would like them… And she did! The earrings soon appeared on the “We’re Obsessed!” section of InStyle magazine.


Yael Designs champagne earrings on InStyle