Azazie Launches Online Shop for Custom Bridal Dresses

San Francisco has become a true hub for wedding technology and the newest player in this field is Azazie, a newly launched San Francisco-based startup that creates affordable custom-made wedding gowns and bridal party dresses.

While the word “custom” is usually synonymous with “costly”, Azazie has found a way around this by outsourcing directly to the dressmaker. Generally, the retail prices of bridal gowns not only need to accommodate the creation of the garment, but store operations as well as unsold inventory caused by several factors, including changes in seasonal trends. But by only servicing orders made online, Azazie is able to eliminate excess costs and offer bridesmaids dresses starting at only $79, and bridal gowns at $149.

Shopping On AZAZIE

This unique business plan allows women of all shapes and sizes to purchase a dress made just for them. We checked out how this site works. Once they input their measurements – made easy with step-by-step directions – shoppers can pick from over 300 styles in more than 30 colors, which Azazie predicts would accommodate any wedding palette. Customers can also order a fabric swatch and tape measure for $1 to help aid in size and color questions. Once the order is placed, Azazie promises this one of a kind dress will delivered in two weeks.

Here is a taste of the dress styles the site offers:

Azazie Grace in Grape ($79)



Azazie Nataly Bridal Gown in Ivory ($229)



Azazie Cassidy in Ink Blue ($99)




As the online bridal fashion marketplace expands to accommodate a variety of buying and rental shops, Azazie is definitely competing on an incredibly low price point, which may capitalize on brides and bridesmaids on a tight budget. With its consumer-friendly customization plan, Azazie hopes to become the go-to bridal dress shopping destination.

To connect with Azazie, you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter

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