Highlights from Fall 2014 Bridal Market in New York

In its annual Fall incarnation, New York Bridal Market is the most exciting time of the year for the bridal industry. With everyone in town from all over the country, it seems like it’s one big networking party where you can meet the people behind exciting brands face to face, where breaking news and latest industry gossip travels like fire, and where deals are made easily over a drink.

It is the wedding industry’s main event, so we encourage all of our clients to attend and participate. This year, we worked with our newest client HoneyBook on partnering up with ISS Magazine to organize a big Bridal Market industry party. The event attracted planners and vendors from New York and beyond and it was great to see several of our clients also in attendance.

I Do PR family

But one man definitely stole the show that night! Hendrik, the founder of Bows ‘N Ties, flew in from San Francisco to bring its first Bow Tie Bar to New York City. With the help of the tall, dark and handsome model Daniel, guests learned how to properly tie a bow tie – a skill that many planners can use for wedding day emergencies.

Hendrik with Model

To stay on top of the bridal fashion trends, we attended a lot of runway shows and especially enjoyed the voracity of the new wave of design talent that seems to be pushing the bridal fashion industry towards a more edgy future. After hosting the show for our own edgy designer Della Giovanna, we checked out another unusual newcomer Houghton. The show’s loud hip hop beats, champagne bar, and an open presentation format were the perfect background for the loose, informal collection with elements of light sky blue of the designer Katharine Polk.

Houghton copy

Kelly Faetanini delighted us with the ephemeral elegance of her newest collection – now in its third year.

Kelly Faetanini

Isabelle Armstrong was another newcomer who packed the house, although this 2-year-old brand showcases more traditional, grand ballroom elegance. I thought the groom leading the bride for the final look was a nice touch:

Bride and Groom

We were invited to a breakfast hosted by Group 868, a showroom that represents several international designers, including Italian designer Elisabetta Polignano and Colombian designer Francesca Miranda, who we met in person:

Francesca Miranda copy

I also attended the group show by JLM, which included the polar visions by Lazaro and Hayley Paige, and went to see the new collections by Amsale, who this year showed at a new, much bigger location accommodating a full crowd of press and fans.


The week of shows and meetings was crowned by two big events – Martha Stewart Weddings‘ 20th Anniversary Party and the annual Bridal Market party hosted by The Knot. We started off wearing platinum to the renowned Pierre Hotel where Martha Stewart’s big anniversary bash was held:

I Do PR and Carrie Goldberg

Then, despite the heavy rain outside, we headed off to New York Public Library where The Knot’s celebration was already in full swing:

Dance Floor

I won’t lie, I enjoyed wearing my silver and black Betsy Johnson number paired with diamond chandelier earrings by Yael Designs as well as some extremely handsome arm candy, outfitted by Bows ‘N Ties:

I Do PR and Bows N' Ties

New York’s Bridal Market was both extremely fun and extremely exhausting, though I can’t even imagine how all our editor friends feel as they often have to attend up to a dozen shows every day and then write about them, often within hours! As for me, I feel like I’m still recovering.

See you in April,

– Sasha Vasilyuk


Sasha Vasilyuk is the founder of I Do PR and an award-winning journalist who has covered travel, culture and business for Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, San Francisco Chronicle and others.

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