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About Lindsay: Event designer Lindsay Landman has been producing special events for the country’s most influential business and technology leaders since 2001. Her company, Lindsay Landman Events, has been named one of the top event planning companies in the world both by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Brides. She is a leading instructor for the Event Leadership Institute and the Founding President of Wish Upon a Wedding.

Lindsay Landman

What publicity have you received for your business?

My company and I have been featured in dozens of publications from bridal magazines and blogs like The Knot, BRIDES and Style Me Pretty to national media sources like The New York Times and InStyle.  I have done a number of television interviews as well, mostly on local New York networks, however years ago I did an episode of Who’s Wedding is it Anyway on the former Style Network. That re-ran for years and years so it was a good buzz (and stalker!) generator. For the past two years, my company has been listed on two very exclusive lists of the world’s top wedding planners in Vogue and in Harper’s Bazaar.

What’s been your favorite feature so far?

My greatest pride is this piece that ran in The New York Times in 2014.  I had been planning a wedding, and just 4 days before their wedding date, their venue, an historic building in New York, had to be closed due to structural damage. So, I had 4 days to find a new venue and basically re-plan and design the entire event. On the weekend of the wedding, a small, but mighty story ran, citing my efforts to make this wedding happen.

This is the only time my actual work had been reported on in a real and true way.  No fluff, no pictures, no advice – just the actuality of what I did and what I do for every client.

For business growth, what has been the most beneficial press?

Before Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar lists came out, the vendor directory of New York Magazine was the only press that generated actual new business inquiries. I find that to generate the most revenue possible, the most useful press is having our real weddings featured. If a wedding runs in a magazine or blog, prospective clients can really see what we do and can easily get a sense of our style, price point and vibe.

Vogue Best Wedding Planner list


How were you able to get featured?

I try to be as prepared as possible to respond to press inquiries and I’ve definitely donated time to design photo shoots or industry events to create content for the media. But I never really sought out press.  I have built relationships with editors and producers over the years, but initially, they came to me because they were in need of information or photos in order to fill their pages or air time.  I served as a resource, and I think I did a decent job because they came back for more.

How has media attention changed your business?

It raised my profile and provided prospective clients with the added assurance to take the plunge and hire my firm. I also put press features on my social media feeds and blog. That insures that my RELEVANT audience is seeing it, rather than a married soccer-mom in Nebraska who probably isn’t going to call me.  It also provides me with the content I need to stay on offense for my social media efforts, so I value press in a different way than I once did.

What advice can you give to wedding pro’s looking to get publicity?

Do great work that you are proud of so that when you pitch it or it gets noticed, you have great content to share and it represents you and your brand well.

I once had a very big, high profile wedding published that, despite it “checking all the boxes,” didn’t really represent my company well.  I was almost a little bit embarrassed to be associated with it. Once I saw it printed, I knew that I couldn’t ever take a job like that again because I’d run the risk of being connected with the wrong type of work. I’d rather have one hit that is perfect and shows what I do best than 20 that are off brand or off message.

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