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About Brittany: Brittany Haas is the founder of Happily Ever Borrowed. Always drawing and  designing, she graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Fiber Science &  Apparel Design. She was lucky enough to work in planning, merchandising, and buying for top luxury companies such as Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue, Hermes and most recently Chanel. She launched Happily Ever Borrowed in 2012 to help women rent their dream bridal accessories for their wedding day.

Brittany Haas

What publicity have you received for your business?

We’ve been lucky enough to have been featured in most major bridal magazines and blogs over the past five years. But our first two hits in our first week of launching were Martha Stewart Weddings and Refinery 29, which launched us into business right away. However, our most amazing hit to date was being featured in The New York Times!

Was getting publicity a deliberate part of your marketing strategy?

For any bridal business, the key to success is people hearing about your brand. Since bridal is (usually) a one-time purchase, it’s important to convert on every bride successfully and for your customers to be happy with their experience.  We constantly hear from brides “I wish I knew about you when I was getting married” and it’s our worst nightmare.

How were you able to get featured?

We worked tirelessly to connect with editors and make outreach to planners and hairstylists. We continue to explore commission programs with other vendors to help grow our business and also keep sending our items to shoots on a monthly basis.

How has media attention changed your business?

Whenever we have a great press hit, it is immediately felt in our sales. It’s so fantastic to have an e-commerce business and track exactly what’s driving your business and where the traffic is coming from. We’re truly lucky to be able to test what works and use the media to help drive sales.

What one piece of advice would you give to wedding professionals looking to get publicity?

Network. Network. Network! It’s not always about immediately connecting with editors. But the more connections you make with fellow vendors in the industry, the more you can share connections and get your name into the hands of other brides.

Happily Ever Borrowed

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