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Name:  Samantha Roberts & Heather Hall

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About Sam & Heather: Best friends Samantha Roberts and Heather Hall met in New York at The Knot, where they helped transform the leading brand’s social media and fashion editorial content. After noticing that wedding guests only post photos of themselves and vendors often miss out on potential clients due to lack of social media savvy, these two former bridal editors saw the need for a catch-all social media service for couples on their wedding day! From sitting front row at Bridal Fashion Week to helping friends get married all over the globe, they now bring the glamour of the wedding industry to real weddings everywhere — a’ la social media.

Sam & Heather Maid of Social

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As soon as you ladies launched Maid of Social, you received a flurry of publicity! Care to share the highlights? 

Sam: Maid of Social has been featured on, Glamour, NY Magazine, The Knot, Love Inc. and Huffington Post. Our first feature was in New York Magazine, which was SO exciting.

Heather: We’ve also been included in InStyle, The Cut, New Jersey Weddings, and on Australia’s #1 morning show, Sunrise 7, so to see this sort of reaction has been incredibly exciting and affirmative that we’re onto something here.

Was getting publicity for Maid of Social a deliberate part of your marketing strategy?

Sam: Yes! It’s a way to get the word out about our business. PR is an important aspect of starting any new business and getting ideas out into the world.

Heather: Totally. We used my recent wedding as a soft launch for Maid of Social, which provided us content and a way to spread the word about what and how this service worked.

Heather Jude wedding Maid of Social

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Your strategy worked brilliantly! How did you go about getting publicity?

Sam: We did our own outreach and we were lucky that through social media, the word about our business got out enough to catch the attention of editors and writers, where they were coming to us!

Heather: Sam and I both have strong background in social media and PR. Sam formerly operated the social media at The Knot and I was a former editor at The Knot, who then went on to manage PR for the Amsale Group before starting Maid of Social. Using our knowledge of the industry and thinking through a strategy prior to launching the website was all part of the plan!

How did getting this media attention help your business?

Sam: The media attention made us critically think about our business and see the different ways it could evolve into something bigger. For example, we’re now playing with the idea of product placement in weddings – which was something that we brainstormed after we received the media attention.

Heather: The publicity we got helped create a bigger picture for Maid of Social. There is so much opportunity to grow this service within weddings, but also into other industries. Can’t wait to see where this venture takes us.

You are social media pro’s! What one piece of advice would you give to wedding professionals looking to get publicity?

Sam: You don’t necessarily need to hire your own PR person. With LinkedIn and Twitter – you can reach many writers at different publications yourself. It’s all about crafting a pitch that’s eye-catching.

Heather: Be strategic and consistent. Have a solid pitch, or find someone to help you develop one, and take advantage of social media. It’s the best place to build a strong digital presence and following!

I agree. Entrepreneurs can do some PR themselves, which is why we launched our PR Tools. Great talking to you, ladies! Looking forward to seeing your continued success.

Sasha Vasilyuk is the founder of I Do PR and an award-winning journalist who has covered travel, culture and business for Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, San Francisco Chronicle and others.

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