Meet the Press: Kim Fusaro of Glamour


Name: Kim Fusaro

Title: Glamour Weddings & Living Contributing Editor

Find her on: and @kimberlyfusaro on social

Bio Kim: Kim Fusaro is a freelance writer and editor, and has been Glamour Weddings’ lead writer since the channel’s 2009 launch. She covers trends, fashion, beauty, etiquette, honeymoons, registry, pop culture, and real weddings, and can often be overheard dispensing wedding advice, solicited or otherwise. Her readers include brides, bridesmaids, twenty-somethings who are attending 15 weddings this summer, and single girls with a penchant for secret Pinterest wedding boards. She is sometimes recognized on the New York City subways after appearing on behalf of Glamour in a small but memorable role on The Real Housewives of New Jersey spin-off in 2014.

What do you love about your job?

I love weddings—I really do. I love how happy and excited brides and grooms are, and I like helping them navigate when things get intense. (And they ALWAYS get intense.) I love that “weddings” encompasses so much that’s central to Glamour: fashion, beauty, pop culture, and relationships as well as entertaining. I love being a resource for bridesmaids and wedding guests, too. I’ve been a bridesmaid (many times) and a maid of honor and flower girl—and a wedding guest probably upward of 50 times. Plus, I’ve been writing for Glamour Weddings since Day 1, so I have a lot of insights to share.

What has been your favorite story to write?

I really enjoy covering celebrity weddings. I did video shoots with Lauren Manzo and the ladies of Vanderpump Rules, which were both tons of fun, and I’ve done several photo shoots with real brides. I just did two really beautiful photo shoots—one of engagement rings and one of bridal bouquets—that I’m excited to share. I love creating things that I know women will put on their Pinterest boards—secret or otherwise.

Lauren Manzo wedding

How do you usually find sources for your stories?

A lot of the time, I’m my own “source.” I’m at bridal fashion week spotting trends and I’m well-versed in Wedding etiquette. (Glamour Weddings turns SEVEN this year!) That said, if a vendor has a cool, original idea, I’m happy to coordinate on a post with them. The challenge is finding a fresh and exciting angle, since there isn’t a lot we *haven’t* covered in the past seven years.

What’s the best way for business owners get your attention?

Email, always. It’s helpful if it’s an idea and not a “tease.” If your client has 10 cool ideas for bridesmaid gifts, go ahead and send the ideas. (That’s much more preferable to: “Email me if you want to hop on the phone.”)

What one piece of advice would you give to wedding professionals looking to get publicity?

Send a concise email with a clear subject. Not: “Heyyyyy …” or “Question”. Know who you’re pitching: If I’m spammed by someone who isn’t wedding-related, eventually I’ll stop opening their emails. Also, think big picture. Instead of saying, “This is our new line of wedding dresses,” try, “Two of our newest wedding dresses look like the dress Beyoncé just wore on the Met Gala red carpet.” (Fun!) To that end, keep in mind that (and most digital outlets, really) has a tight turnaround for news stories. I’ll write about Met-Gala-inspired wedding dresses as the Met Gala is happening, so that pitch will only get my attention in a very small window of time.

Great tips! Thank you Kim. I look forward to seeing more photo shoots and stories from you.


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