Inspiration behind Emmaline Bride’s Book “The Inspired Wedding”

Emma Arendoski,  founder and CEO of wedding blog Emmaline Bride  and author of The Handcrafted Wedding, is debuting a new book The Inspired Wedding on September 12th!

The queen of personalization, Emma has shared tips and inspiration on how to add personal touches to on her blog and throughout her first book. We sat down with Emma to learn more about “inspirations” behind “The Inspired Wedding”, and what tips and tricks she has in store for her readers.

Photo taken by : Revelry Photography

Photo by Revelry Photography

I DO PR: How does The Inspired Wedding differ from your first book The Handcrafted Wedding?

Emma Arendoski: The Inspired Wedding is an idea book with seven unique handpicked themes and over 500 beautiful wedding photographs.  Each chapter describes how to plan a wedding with that particular theme from start to finish.  While I incorporate creative handcrafted ideas along the way in both titles, The Inspired Wedding is unique because it focuses on how to plan a wedding by its theme. The book covers everything you need to know to plan a wedding from start to finish across seven unique themes (with plenty of customization along the way).

What inspired you to write a second book?

EA: My goal for The Inspired Wedding is to empower couples to plan a themed wedding that reflects a style all their own, from start to finish.  This book celebrates this concept. I am so honored to have had the privilege of writing it.  It is a project I had sought to pursue for a long time, so I feel accomplished having completed it.

How has the wedding industry change since you wrote the first book?

EA: Since I wrote The Handcrafted Wedding, I have seen an even larger surge in ‘handmade’ wedding touches:  couples are customizing every aspect of their wedding day from start to finish.  I have also seen an increase in the purchase of handmade goods used as accessories, gifts, and decor, whether purchased online from a handmade vendor or made from the couple’s own two hands.

Which part of the book did you most enjoy writing about?

EA: I can’t pick a favorite theme, as I wholeheartedly enjoyed each of the seven themes in this book. However, I always love discussing the decor of a wedding space, whether it be the ceremony or the reception. From the centerpieces to the table linens, there are so many unique ways to decorate and transform a space to make it your own.

Is there a book tour in the works?

EA: There are a few events in the works, including book signings.  I’ll be doing many videos following the launch to give couples an inside look at parts of the book.

Which wedding industry events can we find you at?

EA: Right now, my schedule includes plenty of Michigan-area based events and book signings; I also have nationwide events planned but nothing I can discuss at this moment. For press inquiries or events, those interested can email for details.


Check out Emma’s new book on Amazon!

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