10 Essential PR Tools for Wedding Professionals

I’m about to share something that’s been in the works for about nine months, which makes it a baby of sorts. After several years of working with top bridal brands, I decided to create a way for wedding professionals who don’t want to or can’t hire a full-time publicist to get publicity for their business. After months of writing, designing, testing and tweaking, I’m super excited – no, overjoyed! – to finally launch 10 Essential PR Tools for Wedding Professionals.

In my years of running I DO PR, I’ve found that most business owners believe that the media and PR are shrouded in unsolvable mystery and because of that avoid pitching their business to the media. My mission is to dispel that mystery and teach you how to work with the press.

Not many know that I started I DO PR after a career as a newspaper reporter. Having been on both sides of the media divide, I’ve mastered the rules of public relations and am excited to share them with you today. Let me tell you how these 10 PR Tools will help you get publicity and take your business to the next level.

PR tools from I DO PR

Learn PR Basics

My eBook “Marry the Media” will guide you through the 101 of wedding public relations. You will learn how to create achievable PR goals, how to tell your story to get media attention, how to establish relationships with editors, the do’s and don’ts of pitching, and the type of content that’s always in demand.

Learn How to Pitch

You can’t get publicity unless you can get the editors’ attention. That is why I created an in-depth Guide to Email Pitching teach you how to create a pitch that will be read, considered and published. The best part is that I use real life examples from how we pitched our clients to top media. This is the hardest and most essential part of getting publicity.

Get the Contacts

The next essential PR Tool you will need is the Media Database, which includes contact information for 100+ influential reporters from places like The New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, Harper’s Bazaar, The Knot, and many others. If you want to go beyond submitting real wedding, these are the people you will need to know.

Create a Media Kit

If you want to take your PR game to the next level, you should create a Media Kit. Brands that have a media kit on their website have a proven higher track record of getting publicity. The Guide to Media Kits will guide you through how to create a media kit that shines.

Write an Effective Press Release

If you need to create a press release and want it to be effective, our Guide to Press Releases is your friend. It includes a template, three examples of press releases we’ve created that received great coverage, and an in-depth guide to writing a good release.

For Products, Get Letter of Responsibility

If you have products that you want to lend to the media, you will need a Letter of Responsibility form. This is the form we use whenever we send everything from dresses to fine jewelry.

All these tools are available a la carte and in different packages, depending on your needs. But in case you don’t have time to learn how to do PR or launch your media relations campaign, don’t despair. I have the perfect tool for you!

When in Doubt, Become a PR Insider

Our PR Insider Membership allows busy wedding professionals to receive the latest media requests straight in their inbox. If you find that you can help the reporter with their request, you’ll be able to contact them directly and potentially get featured.

I hope our 10 Essential PR Tools will help you learn the rules of the PR game and get publicity for your business. If you’d like to share any feedback about the tools, I’d love to hear from you, so please comment below or shoot me an email.


Sasha Vasilyuk is the founder of I Do PR and an award-winning journalist who has covered travel, culture and business for Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, San Francisco Chronicle and others.

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