Engagement 101 Features Nadia D Photography and Choco Studio


couv 2013

Engagement 101 Magazine’s Fall 2013 issue is finally out! We are excited to announce that two of our clients, Nadia D Photography and Choco Studio, are featured in the new issue!

Let’s take a look at both features in Engagement 101 Magazine:

nadia d

The image above features Nadia D Photography. Nadia incorporated a race car into the photo shoot, as this was a driving force of attraction between the two individuals. This technique and creativity allowed Nadia to truly capitalize on the personality and interests of the couple, allowing her to create stunning, editorial-inspired images. The unique engagement story of the couple combined with Nadia’s captivating images is sure to attract the attention of those reading the new Fall 2013 issue.


choco studio

Choco Studio’s feature in the Fall 2013 is shown above. The photographs by Choco Studio capture the obvious connection between the newly engaged couple. These images will undoubtedly catch the eye of  Engagement 101 Magazine readers!


Sasha Vasilyuk is the founder of I Do PR and an award-winning journalist who has covered travel, culture and business for Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, San Francisco Chronicle and others.

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