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Wed Tech Invite

On June 18th, I DO PR is teaming up with SF New Tech, San Francisco’s biggest monthly technology event, to bring together some of the leading tech pioneers shaking up the wedding industry.

The first of its kind Wed Tech Conference will be held in San Francisco, the world’s epicenter of tech innovation, and will help bridge the gap between the traditional wedding industry and the newest, shiniest technologies.

We will showcase 5 companies offering tech solutions to how millennial couples plan their big day:


AislePlanner virtually connects couples, planners, and vendors together to help project manage in an organized, time efficient manner.

wanderable-logoWanderable helps make gift giving memorable by allowing couples to create an online honeymoon registry with built-in support to help plan and fund their dream honeymoon.


Wedding Spot is like the OpenTable for the wedding industry, which enables couples to search, price, and book their wedding venues in one online space.


Gift Gather is an online registry that provides guests the opportunity to chip into a larger, more meaningful gift.


Two Bright Lights enables photographers to upload their wedding photographs and have them automatically be sourced and globally published.

We’re very excited to help bridge the gap between weddings and tech. If you or your friends live in the Bay Area, join us for Wed Tech Conference!

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