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Submitting your work to blogs can be notoriously time-consuming. That’s why I was so excited when I heard about Matchology! Launching in June, Matchology is a fast new way of submitting your work to more than 30 of the world’s top wedding blogs from the Aisle Society consortium. The platform features built-in matching technology to help connect your event to the publications that are the best fit. Matchology’s goal is to help wedding pros save time and get published more often. Sounds cool, right?matchology logo

Today, I sat down with Ami Price, CEO of Aisle Society and founder of Elizabeth Anne Designs, to learn more about Matchology.

Ami Price Aisle Society

What inspired you to create Matchology?

As editors, we’ve seen what a huge benefit publication is to a small wedding business, but we’ve also seen how frustrating the whole submission process can be. It takes so much time and energy: researching which blog would be a good fit for a particular wedding or event, finding each blog’s specific submission requirements, using different submission methods and software for each publication. That’s time and energy that could be spent connecting with couples. We challenged ourselves to come up with a better solution that would streamline the process for both wedding pros and editors, and Matchology is the result!matchology real wedding blog submission

What feature are you most excited about?

Matchology uses a unique matching technology – a little like a dating app for wedding submissions! Wedding pros provide a few key details such as category, style and setting, and Matchology suggests the most appropriate publications based on our custom-built algorithm. Since our 30 blogs cover a diverse set of styles, niches, and locations across the US and internationally, it’s important to find the best match for each event. Matchology saves so much time and guesswork – and it’s fun!Matchology screenshot

How is Matchology different from Two Bright Lights?

Our matching technology is the main feature which makes us unique, but the other key difference is that Matchology was created by blog editors who receive submissions every single day. We’re in the trenches! That’s why we also built in features that integrate easily into the workflow, like autofill vendor crediting, a universal questionnaire, status updates via email, and one step resubmission. And we’ll keep listening to our users and improving our software in line with their needs.

Tell us more about the upcoming “Submit with Success” event on May 17.

I’m so excited about this, especially because I’m so passionate about sharing knowledge with this community! Aisle Society is hosting an online educational event on May 17th that is free for Matchology subscribers. I and several of the other Aisle Society editors will be sharing all our top tips and insider secrets – and answering all the submissions questions wedding pros have. Everything from what makes a great submission to how to optimize publication, and track your success. It’s going to be an afternoon jam-packed with information!

How will pricing work for Matchology?

Full access to Matchology for a year costs $69.99, and in anticipation of our launch, wedding pros can also purchase a lifetime subscription for $399. To pre-order Matchology and get access to the FREE Submit with Success event, visit

matchology submit with success

Sasha Vasilyuk is the founder of I Do PR and an award-winning journalist who has covered travel, culture and business for Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, San Francisco Chronicle and others.

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