I DO PR Welcomes Wedding Spot

We’re so excited to welcome our newest client and long-time industry friend Wedding Spot. If you haven’t heard of them, shame on you. But seriously, Wedding Spot helps couples find, price and book wedding venues in the U.S.

Since its founding in 2013, Wedding Spot has helped 1.5 million couples find their perfect venue! Tina is 32 and based in San Francisco. The company’s founder, Tina Hoang-To, has been a long-time friend and has a great founding story (which we publicists always love) – she worked as a VC and was planning her wedding, when she got frustrated by how arduous and inefficient the venue search process was. Armed with business experience and tech knowledge, Tina decided to take the matter into her own hands and fix the problem for all future brides and grooms. And voila – Wedding Spot was born!

Wedding Spot helps couples find wedding venues


After just a few weeks of working with Wedding Spot, they have received great attention from the media from Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, About.com and others. Here are two of our favorite features that came out so far:

Bridal Guide magazine featured a slideshow of the best winter wedding venues across the U.S. picked by Tina herself.

Bridal Guide features winter wedding tips from Wedding Spot

KTVU, San Francisco Bay Area’s main TV station, invited Tina Hoang-To on the set of their morning show to discuss the upcoming Wedding Spot on KTVU and talk about wedding venues and how Wedding Spot solves that problem.

Here is Tina at the studio getting filmed. If she ever gets tired of running a startup, she can become an anchor – she is truly a natural!

KTVU features Tina Hoang-To from Wedding Spot

It’s been fun working with Tina and her team and I look forward to seeing what the next few months will bring! Stay tuned for more noise from this wedding tech startup..

– Sasha

Sasha Vasilyuk is the founder of I Do PR and an award-winning journalist who has covered travel, culture and business for Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, San Francisco Chronicle and others.

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